weekly review 7

This week I got to finish the author’s purpose  which was to persuade, inform and entertain and we had to find a definition for them. I started a new project about sentence structure which includes part of speech and common  punctuation. This week we made a poster that had project wonder rules on it and we picked which one we would put on the wall. Next week I hope that I can finish my sentence structure project next week.   

This week I started my 4cs project which includes collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking. I think that critical thinking was the hardest to understand but I finished it and now I am working on sentence structure. I am almost done with that. We are going to do a design challenge that we are making a post about the rules of PW. Today we got new seats today. That is what Idid this week



week review 5

Hi. This week in Project Wonder I am going to present a hognose snake project. Also, I finished my Crested gecko project but I still need it approved. We have this app called reminder, it is an app where the teachers post things we have to do for the class because most of the kids in our class don’t check their email every day.   That is all we did next week. I want to start my blue tongue skink project. 

week in review

This week we were working on a classroom design challenge. It is where we are finding a way that we could change the room and we are going to present our design ideas to the class. I got to finish my Crested gecko project but I still have to find someone who wants to present the project with me. I finished my other unit about sunbeam snakes. Today we made a mini story that had to have less than 50 words. In the morning I am reading a book called the dead and gone it is about the moon getting closer to earth and what this kid and his family had to do and what they had to sacrifice to survive.           

Week in review 3

This week I was working on a slide show that was about a bunch of different snakes. I finished the project and one of the snakes on the project was a snake called the sunbeam snake. I did a slide show all about them and now I am working on a project about the Crested Gecko. I want to be able to finish the project about Crested Geckos by next week and ask someone if they would present the project with me. I want to be able to start a new project. I want to be able to finish projects faster but it still be my best work.         

week in review

This week I finished my level 4 hognose snake. We worked on the digital portfolio which is where we have to wright what independent study that we did this year and we have to add pictures of the project, captions to the pictures and links to the pics. The digital portfolio is where the teachers can see what you are doing and what projects.      

blog 1

I am writing this to tell people what i am am doing in project in project wonder. One thing that we had to figure out how how to get a roll of tape throw a one foot goal. We also had to make paper airplanes and see who’s would go a farther distance and who’s would stay in the in longer. one other thing that we did is draw how to make toast whit out words. This are somethings that we last week and this week I want to be able to finish my hognose snake project.